Spinn4C: The Community for product and process innovation

Since 2012, the NetConsulting cube group has been carrying out an annual innovation scouting activity on behalf of a group of CIOs of the main Italian industrial companies, aimed at facilitating the meeting between supply and demand for digital innovation.

Speed ​​Innovation for C-Level – from which SPINN4C – sees the participation of user companies operating in different market sectors, with the aim of supporting the introduction of innovation in the company.

A continuous and stable monitoring system over time of the ecosystem of Italian innovative startups which, over the years, has seen the expansion of the observation horizon to all innovative companies (not just startups) present on the national and international market (USA, Israel, Europe, Asia).

The scouting activity is followed by the phase of selecting the realities with a potentially interesting offer for our customers, aimed at satisfying their business and innovation needs.

The selection is conducted on the basis of a matrix built in collaboration with customers, in which the most interesting technological areas (Mobile, Augmented and Virtual Reality, 3D / 5D, Industry 4.0, Blockchain, Fintech, Cybersecurity, …) are mapped by process within the company context (solutions for HR, for Marketing, for Sales, for Production,…).

The meeting between demand and supply of technologies takes place as part of the “Presentation Days“, events organized during the year with the aim of involving a set of innovative realities, who have the opportunity to present their offer to business decision makers of our customers.

For more information request a contact at arighi@netconsultingcube.com