DHS Community Book 2020

The Digital Health Summit, organized every year by NetConsulting cube, AISIS and GGallery, represents the reference event on digital health in Italy, photographing the global scenario of the health system and the expected evolutions.

The “full digital” 2020 edition took place over 4 days, with over 20 hours of live broadcast over 15 virtual rooms with 93 speakers, followed by over 2,000 participants.

Among the central themes of this edition is the management of the health emergency in the first phase, highlighting what did not work and what are the aspects to be treasured for the future, focusing on experiences, use cases, virtuous models. During the event, the results of the survey carried out to understand the general sentiment of the entire Life Science supply chain with respect to healthcare in the Covid-19 era were discussed. The results that emerged and the proposals for the health of the future were collected in the “DHS Community Book 2020”.

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